Circuit Board Repair
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Hot Tub Circuit Board Repair

We repair circuit boards!
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We repair hot tub circuit boards!

There are literally 1,000's of circuit board numbers.
Its a good idea to have your circuit board part number handy when you call.

If you aren't sure what yours is, just give us a call.
We can help you find it!

We have experience repairing hot tub circuit boards for home-owners and commercial grade hot tubs used in hotels, motels and condominiums.

We have fast services and great prices.
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The following is a list of things that can help identify your circuit board.
Have these items handy when you call.
  • Hot tub manufacturer's name
  • Circuit board manufacturer's name
  • Model
  • Year
  • Chip number: 2000LER1A, EL8000R1C
  • Circuit board part number
  • Balboa S/N: 52076
  • Balboa P/N: 52295-01
  • Watkins P/N: 37307
  • Watkins P/N: 71482
  • Watkins P/N: 71485
  • SIEBE Model #100-01212-01

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Some of the brands we repair (but not limited to):

Alpine Spas
American Pool and Spa
Aquatic Spas
Artesian Spas
Balboa Water Group
Beachcomber Spas
Blue Falls Spas
Bull Frog Hot Tubs
Cal Spa
Clearwater Spas
Coast Spa
Comfort Spa
Conway Spas
Dakota Spas
Diamond Spas
Dimension One Spas
Discovery Spas
Dynasty Spa
Emerald Spas
Fort Wayne Hot Tubs
Freeflow Hot Tubs
Great Lakes Spas
Hawkeye Spas
Hydro Spa
Icon Spas
Infinity Spas
Keys Backyard
JBJ Hot Tubs
Jetta Hot Tubs
LA Spa
Leisure Bay Spas
Majestic Spas
Marquis Spas
Master Spa
Morgan Spas
Phoenix Hot Tubs
Polynesian Spa
QCA Spas
Ridgewood Spas
Saratoga Spa
Seven Seas Spas
Southwest Spas
Sonoma Hot Tubs
Streamline Spas
Sundance Spas
Tatum Manufacturing
Thermo Spas
Viking Spas
Warm Springs Spas
Watkins Manufacturing Co.

Call now, we are glad to help!

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