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We repair circuit boards!
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   Is not working, broken, turns off or on by itself, you can't control it or it just simply does nothing?

   We can help with your electronics repairs. Our experienced technicians provide a quality electronics repair service and will put your circuit board through a multitude of diagnostic test procedures. From component level repairs, component replacements, trace repairs, transformer testing and way to much more to list.

   On average, with our standard repair service, we can have your circuit board repaired in 1 - 2 weeks. Compared to some original manufacturers, that is lightening fast! If you circuit board is of the general electronics category you may qualify for a free evaluation. So that means all it will cost you is the shipping to see if your circuit board can be repaired.

   When a machine is down a business can suffer a greatly in production goals. Many times the circuit board or device is obsolete. We have repaired many electronic devices where the original manufacturer refused to accept it from customers. To help you in these times you can upgrade to rush services. With rush services you can have your circuit board on our Tech's bench the same day we receive it. Also, your circuit board will remain in priority status for the remainder of the repair process. As you know, we understand your urgency, so you can be assured that you are very important to us and you will receive the best electronics repair services we offer!

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